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Our Mission

The Greater Dandenong Chamber of Commerce exists to:

coordinate, develop and facilitate opportunities for regional businesses to work together, thrive and contribute to the local community.

Over the last 70 years, we have been an integral part of the business community of Dandenong. The Chamber offers you to opportunity to meet other local business people in one of the largest growth corridors in the country.

Our Aims
  • Business Awards Program

    Coordinate the Greater Dandenong Chamber Business Awards program, whose aim is to recognise and honour outstanding business achievement in the region.

  • Networking

    Business networking events allow the business community comes together, and facilitate business growth and success through enhanced business relationships

  • Marketing and Membership

    Promotion of the Chamber and its objectives through the Chamber Chat, brochures, privilege program and a members kit to increase the Chambers membership. Maintain membership levels with suitable benefits.

  • Liaison

    Maintain contact with local government and other associations to ensure the region is promoted in a positive manner and members are aware of current regional issues.

  • Civic and Community

    Run community events, including the Grand Final Charity Lunch, the Women in Business events (with SEBN), and support various community groups and assist them to connect with the business community.

  • Finance

    Arrange collection of income from members and sponsors, payment of expenses, keeping of adequate records, compiling an annual budget.

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